Do you know someone who would make a great guest on the podcast? Or perhaps, you have a journey you would wish to share? Send an email to with subject line GUEST SUBMISSION. Please include the following information:

Name of Nominated Guest:

Are you this person?

If not, have you spoken with the individual you are nominating about being on the show?

What aspects of this individual’s journey (or your own journey) are you wanting to share on the show?

Contact Info / Please include social media accounts if applicable:

PLEASE NOTE: These requests may not get a reply, but they WILL be read. Calendars book up sometimes months in advance and not all requests can be honored. They are stored, however, and visited when it’s time to schedule new shows. So, regardless of whether you hear back from me directly, please know that YOUR NOMINATION IS SO IMPORTANT. YOUR STORY IS SO VALUED. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBMISSION.

All the best,

Mary Susan