The Dream Team


It all started when…

my daughter Abiella was in an amazing inclusive preschool and I realized there were no activity books in the house that represented life the way she experienced it. So I began making this coloring book (with the help of an illustrator) and I’ve finally put it out into the world. Totally free. I am hoping your kids will love it, see themselves in it (regardless of whether they have special needs or not), and have a fun jumping off place to ask questions if they see something that feels unfamiliar. While there is obviously no way for me to include all unique circumstances, this is a beginning. It is a free download, so people can print it as many times as they want or even (depending on the device) upload it into an assistive technology device if your child uses one to color.

NOTE TO EDUCATORS & PARENTS: This book is not intended to be used as an educational resource for any specific diagnosis. The details regarding ethnicity, diagnosis, and overall background are intentionally vague. This collection of illustrations was made with the intent for individuals with unique circumstances to see pieces of their own worlds in a positive, happy way, and to also provide a jumping off place for curious minds to ask questions if they see something that feels unfamiliar. While the specific diagnoses are intentionally unidentified,  you will discover amazing kiddos among these pages who have unique circumstances, including the use of walkers, wheelchairs, braces or splints, and sensory headphones. There are also members of The Dream Team who do not have hair, have limb differences, or breathe with a tracheostomy. Additionally, you will be introduced to awesome children who do not have a diagnosis or perhaps have a special need that is invisible. All of these children are a part of The Dream Team (Volume 1): A group of kids who love hanging out, living life together, and enjoying the awesome magic of inclusion.

There are simple and complex illustrations for artists of various skills. I have enjoyed binding my copies of the book with binders or three ring folders and coloring with markers, crayons, and glitter glue. If you enjoy the book, I would absolutely love to see your creations! You can tag me on IG at @marysusanmcconnell and/or use the hashtag #dreamteamcoloringbook.

*It is recommended that you choose the option “FIT TO PAGE” if your system allows when printing. This will help keep the margins correct.


~Mary Susan


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