8 Awesome (AND CHEAP) Special Needs Products We Use Daily


The special needs world can be expensive. Whether it’s a ramp to your home, a converted vehicle, therapy appointments that insurance doesn’t cover, the 4 thousandth monitor you’ve purchased in the last 4 years, a new pair of AFO’s (that you reorder every year for your growing kiddo), or or or or or or or or or…

I remember when Abi grew out of her commercial carseat and I realized our next option would cost $800 out-of-pocket. (Thankfully a friend connected me with another mom who was getting rid of one)- BUT- that doesn’t always happen. In fact, I just opened a bill for a modification we recently made to a piece of equipment and I just had to shake my head and laugh.

Good grief…

This is why when I find something that adds to our life FOR CHEAP, I must scream it from the rooftops.

My latest podcast episode, #75, (Listen here on a droid or here on an iphone) , features 8 products we use almost daily. The cheapest is under $6! Here they are in no particular order:

1) This headband has headphones INSIDE. It’s super soft and easily stays on Abi’s head. Win! Win!

2) We use these buttons as head switches. For less than $5 a piece it’s a hit.

3) We use a Vitamix to blend up Abi’s food for the g-tube. We ALSO use it for OURSELVES daily. While this purchase can be an expensive one- sometimes insurance will cover it AND you can also find refurbished ones or contact them directly for other options. This is the one we use, and at the time I recorded the show it was on sale under this link for $50 less than normal.

4) We use this therapy tool for drinking liquids. It’s great for kiddos who aren’t using a suction skill to use a straw. Squeeze the bear to control how much liquid goes into your child’s mouth. Super easy and fun! Worth the money for sure. (I’m no longer now trying to syringe out drops of liquid for Abi or hoping I don’t accidentally pour too much out of a cup and onto her face…) This product was recommended by our feeding therapist and we LOVE IT!

5) Omg. This has changed our worlds. We use this small bose bluetooth speaker on Abi’s chair. It comes with a strap that we slide right over a bar behind the headrest. Not only does the vibration of the speaker make Abi raise her head more often, it allows me to play books on tape and music straight from my phone. No longer do I have to stand up to change a song on her tablet, I can just switch it directly from my phone. This is also helpful when we connect her tablet to it at night for a sound machine. We put the speaker in her bed and then I take the tablet with me to bed. I can control the noise and volume in her room straight from my lap! No more quietly walking in to change a song or turn it down. THE BEST! (I believe we paid around $99 for this- but at the time I’m writing this, this link has it for $20 less!)

6) These hooks are PERFECT for Abi’s glasses. We slide them right on and they don’t budge!

7) This tablet is less than $50 and does everything we need it to do!

8) We used these when Abi started feeding therapy! They are super fun, you can chew on them, and the vibration made her laugh. So great.

There you go friends! Super products for cheap! I also have listed some of MY personal favorites on THIS PAGE, including the boots I’m wearing at this moment.

If you get any of these, let me know what you think!

*I do receive compensation for purchases but the price for you is the same. Win, win. :)

Mary Susan McConnell